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Fraxel Repair®

Lines & Wrinkles - Cumberland Laser ClinicThe Fraxel Repair® laser is now the gold standard in laser resurfacing. The healing is much faster so that you can have makeup on in 5-6 days and you will be back in your social network quickly. You can treat at any age. Start early to prevent lines and wrinkles in your 30’s to 40’s. Those of us aged 50’s to 80’s can all use some improvement. You can treat a portion of the face or the whole face and neck.

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C02 Resurfacing

If you desire a long-lasting, comprehensive approach, rather than treating wrinkles and spots individually or gradually over time, you may want to consider full face laser skin resurfacing. UltraPulse® C02 resurfacing can actually eliminate evidence of sun damage such as wrinkles and discolouration.

With facial resurfacing, a high-energy beam of UltraPulse® C02 laser light is used to vaporize lines, wrinkles, scars, dark spots and other irregularities, layer by layer. This process also stimulates the formation over time of new, underlying collagen to provide better elasticity and support for the skin. For moderate to deep resurfacing, your skin will go through an initial healing period which includes weeping and crusting that typically lasts 7-10 days. At this point, most patients return to normal activities and makeup may be applied. Your fresh, new skin will be reddish pink, a good sign that you’re healing and that blood is nourishing the growth of new skin cells. The redness gradually fades within 4-12 weeks depending on skin type and depth of laser treatment. Laser resurfacing can restore your skin to a healthy state, similar to that of skin that has not experienced sun damage or scarring. With proper sun protection, results can persist for more than 5 years.

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